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Food Recommendation through Machine Learning    • Anuj Agrawal   

Food Recommendation through Machine Learning

Food Recommendation through Machine Learning

The project has two parts: The front-end is an Android app/website that provides an interface to choose food recipes and create schedules. The back-end will be a Django server that provides personalized recommendations through machine learning.

Tentative Project Timeline

Week Number Tasks to be Completed
Week 1 Setting up the Environment and learning the basics of each platform
Week 2-3 Basics of languages used in individual languages (App - Java/Kotlin; Website - JavaScript/CSS/HTML; Server - Python)
Week 4-5 Create a basic working prototype of individual platforms (App/Website - creating a simple app with list views and basic UI; Server - Creating an API with GET/POST requests)
Week 6-7 Creating a basic infrastructure of the individual platforms for the project. Learning Machine Learning basics
Week 8-9 Implementing individual features, Implementation and testing of models
Week 10-12 Improve code structure/ Improve aesthetics of the app/ Buffer Time
Week 13 Writing Blogs sharing experiences etc.