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Rumour    • Kushal Babel   



Spreading ‘rumours’ on devices connected to the same Wi-Fi via an app

This is a completely new project with no past work. The project will take the form of an app (android/ios).

Rumour can be an image, pdf or simply text. Users can choose to create rumours anonymously and then “spread” them anonymously. The interesting point is that rumours are spread over a wifi as a broadcast. All the users connected to the same wifi get the rumour on the phone. These rumours would be shown as a deck in a tinder like fashion. They can then choose to “spread” or “not spread” the rumour (in future when connected to another wifi) by swiping right or left. (Don’t know what the analogous gesture of superlike would mean here! xD) Because of spatial locality, the rumours are guaranteed to be interesting. This is basically like gossip but anonymous. Imagine when you are coming from wing to lecture hall, you carry along all the interesting stuff of hostels to be spread in the lecture hall.

Other non interesting but commercial uses include-

  1. sharing meaningful content and
  2. powerful advertisement space.

Prerequisites : Knowledge of app development highly recommended but not mandatory.