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Galactic Collision Simulator    • Rajdeep Yadav    • Rohan Ganesh   

Galactic Collision Simulator

Galactic Collision Simulator

The goal is to design a visually appealing gravity simulator. The final aim is to simulate two colliding galaxies. The project will have two components, one is implementing physics stuff, and the other one will be rendering the system onto the screen and creating a GUI.

In the physics part of the project, we’ll first develop the code for calculation of positions of objects in a normal solar system. After that we’ll be implemeting barnes-hut algorithm to simulate the n-body problem for a galaxy.

The other part will involve developing a renderer, that will take positions of all the objects involved, and use concepts of perpective projection to create images. We also aim to develop a graphical user interface that will enable the user to do things like switching frame of reference, frame rate, simulation speed etc.

Pre Requisite: Experience in C++ or python is not necessary, but will be appreciated.

Tentative Timeline:

Week Work
Week 1 Refreshing/learning python and getting started with pyOpenGl
Week 2 Getting finished with PyOpenGL.
Week 3 Solar System simulation along with rendering
Week 4 Testing and tweaking parameters, and start leaning about Barnes algorithm
Week 5 Starting to implement Barnes algorithm in galaxy simulation
Week 6 Barnes algorithm and GUI
Week 7 Barnes algorithm and GUI
Week 8 Testing, and Tweaking parameters(frame rate, speed, etc.) to obtain a good looking simulation.